Our deliciously light puff pastry is made by mixing flour, margarine and water. Just before it makes dough, we add the vegetable fat in pieces and when that has slightly mixed, the dough is then divided. Then the pieces are folded creating a lamination effect of layers of pastry. In between folds the dough must be rested to ensure no shrinking.

At FAB we aim for a minimum of 270 layers to give a light crisp melt-in-the-mouth pastry. Its then rested for 24 hours before being used for making Vanilla slices, Apple turnovers, Eccles cakes and our famous Sausage rolls, all made with best quality pork.

Sweetcrust pastry.

Its essential that only the finest butters and margarines are used to create our fabulous taste experience, but not forgetting the crisp biscuit bite, which is critical. No sogginess wanted here! We use this pastry for most of our slice bases, fruit pies, novelty biscuits and seasonal specials, like our award winning deep dish mince pies.

Vegetable Shortcrust pastry.

This pastry is made in a similar way to the sweet crust, but is used for our pasties and quiches, so there's no sugar added.