See our Fab range of slices, whether it be Carrot Cake, Chocolate Oat Slice, Brownies or Millionaires Slices with delicious caramel, there is always something for everyone to have a treat.

Why not try our signature treat - Norfolk Shortcake, lovingly crafted using an old Norfolk favourite recipe. Made daily with flour, margarine, butter, sugar, eggs and currants, this is served best slightly warmed with strawberry jam and of course a cup of tea.

Special Occasions

Please refer to our fantastic Gateaux and Tortes, which you can order via email, over the phone or at shop. Collection can be from a store of your choice.


All orders must be paid for in full at point of order. All cake orders to be a minimum of 3 days notice. Name plaques must be spelt in capitals and signed for by customer.

FAB must advise that as a special order in extreme cases the product may get damaged in transit and therefore be not suitable for sale. Where possible an alternate product will be offered.


Made with key ingredients of flour, margarine, eggs and sugar, but with a variety of flavours and fruits or nuts added. Buns are a fermented product like bread but sweetened and enriched with egg for that indulgent rich taste, making such products as Belgian buns, Swiss, Chelsea, fruited tea-cakes, doughnuts and a host of others not least our highly regarded Hot cross buns with our special spices added.