Here's the process. First, the ingredients have to be all natural and free from preservatives and are all weighed and mixed in our large dough mixer for 10 minutes and then rested for a while. This length of time varies depending on which product is being made, but is usually between 10 minutes and 24 hours.

The dough is then divided and moulded to shape and then rested again to let the gluten proteins rest and allow further gassing. The dough is then shaped for a final time, taking care not to damage the dough gassing structure, which ensures good shaping and inside crumb.

After about 45 minutes, the loaf is ready to bake and then it’s off to the oven where steam is added to allow the dough to expand and provide a golden crust. The dough very quickly changes to a loaf after the crust caramelises and after 40 minutes is taken out where it cools before being packed for delivery. This is repeated for all the breads and rolls and follows a specific recipe for different breads.